Toyota hybrid sales top m

Toyota Hybrid Sales Top 1m

The Toyota Motor Corp. said last Thursday that global sales of its hybrid vehicles, which were first introduced a decade ago, have topped one million – a landmark record for the fast-rising Japanese automaker.

Toyota’s cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles totaled 1.047 million as of the end of May. Of those hybrids, nearly 345,000 were sold in Japan and 702,000 abroad, the company said in a statement.

The Prius is the apparent hybrid leader, with a total of 757,600 units sold since its launch in 1997 in Japan. The Japanese automaker began selling the Prius in North America, Europe and other places in 2000. In 2006, the model made up more than 40 percent of hybrid sales in the United States.

The Prius is the first mass-produced and marketed hybrid car. It went on sale in Japan in 1997, and worldwide in 2001. By the end of 2003, about 160,000 units had been produced for sale in Japan, Europe, and North America. The Prius has also accumulated several awards including Car of the Year for Europe, Japan and North America. But the hybrid became most famous for its fuel economy feature. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s revised fuel economy procedure rates the hybrid at 48 mpg city driving and 45 mpg on the highway.

In the U.S., the Prius initially attracted purchasers interested in its low particulate emissions, advanced technology, and high fuel economy. In the previous year, demand for the hybrid widened for a number of reasons. They include the rising gasoline prices, federal tax credits, as well as privileges for hybrid drivers. States like California, Maryland and Virginia allowed single-occupant hybrid vehicles in HOV-lanes.

At present, the demand for hybrids, which offer superior mileage by shifting between a gasoline engine and the electric motor, has dramatically increased amid rising oil prices and greater consumer concern about global warming.

“Toyota is clearly ahead of the pack in hybrids,” said Tsuyoshi Mochimaru, an auto analyst with Deutsche Securities in Tokyo. Although most automakers are offering hybrids, the Japanese automaker has the advantage of selling the technology in its products for nearly ten years, and using feedback from drivers to make enhancements. The company does not only rely on information from laboratories and testing, it also delves deeper to include the consumers. This is also done in the BMW radiator and other auto parts from the German automaker. This is to secure the quality of the product lines.

Toyota, a world leader in gas-and-electric cars, believes hybrid technology is the way of the future. This is why it broadens its offers to include the Camry hybrid and the Lexus hybrids. “Hybrids will play a key role throughout our lineup,” Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said. “That means all vehicle categories.”

But not all hybrids sell well. Hybrid SUVs, for instance, have struggled in sales compared to the Prius. This is partly because an SUV does not have a green image to start with, analysts said. Sales of Toyota’s RX400h hybrid SUV, sold as the Harrier in Japan, has reached 85,000 worldwide since it was launched in 2005. Another hybrid SUV, the Highlander, known as the Kluger in Japan, has sold 67,000 over the same period. On the contrary, the Prius, has sold 478,800 units since the start of 2005.

Toyota continuously reiterates that the hybrid is the single big ecological technology of the future, holding more potential than the diesel or other innovations. The company’s officials said that hybrids will continue to be important, even with the advent of more futuristic technologies like the electric vehicle and fuel-cells that run on hydrogen.

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Electric mopeds scooters bikes and mobility scooters review

Electric Mopeds, Scooters, Bikes and Mobility Scooters Review

In these days of high fuel costs and environmental issues people are looking at ways to save money and help the planet. One way they are doing this is by turning to electric vehicles such as bikes, scooters, mopeds and mobility scooters. They are finding there are many advantages over fueled powered vehicles, mainly cost, environmental factors and parking just to name a few. Another plus is the pure fun of riding these things as you zip through the traffic, taking short cuts, all with the due care, of course.

As I was writing these articles the one thing that struck me is the difference this type of vehicle can make to people’s lives, especially if a car is not viable option. Let’s look at the people who have some physical problem that restricts their mobility, with an electric motor scooter they can gain a tremendous amount of independence in their lives by doing those ordinary day to day things we take for granted. It also means that they do not have to rely on other people to do these things for them.

As the popularity of these vehicles grow the options they now have is enormous and they are so cost effective you can have than one type for different usage and also backup if there is a breakdown in one machine. What I mean is you can have a fold-away machine for convenience and storage or a full blown machine that will take you almost anywhere with ease. Also the batteries and chargers are much more sophisticated allowing less monitoring coupled with better power storage. For the bikes there are also after market kits that can be fixed to a normal machine without going to the expense of buying a specialty machine.

It will pay to check your local rules and regulations for your area in regards to licensing and insurance. You find in most areas that you will not need a special license and in some cases children as young as 12 years old will be able to take these machines on the road. Also, in a lot of cases, your current automobile, household and/or health insurance will cover for most mishaps.

I have written a separate article for each group that I have mentioned here and you find the links on the left hand side of this page. Please enjoy them

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Women only car insurance

Women Only Car Insurance

Today, almost every other woman drives a car. Hence it is very necessary to get a car insurance which offers highest cover and several other benefits for the woman who purchases a reliable car insurance policy. These days, women don’t like to buy traditional car insurance policy. Women only car insurance policy as the name signifies is the insurance policy that is specially created for woman who drives a car. The women only car insurance policy offer maximum risk cover as well as it offers many other advantages. The premiums and interest rates charged are quite lesser than other insurance policies. The women who apply for women only car insurance policy have to pay 9% lesser for their car insurance as compared to men. This is because of the fact that women drive more attentively as compared to men hence the chances of accidents are quite lower. Whereas when men drive cars, they are likely to meet greater number of accidents. There are several companies presenting women only car insurance at competitive rates to earn goodwill in the big car insurance market. Always remember to calculate the amount of returns you earn on your investments. For this you have to do some market study and understand the women only car insurance entirely before you get this insurance policy. You should also check the risk cover that it offers and also the premium charged. Ask all the advantages that you are probably going to get after you purchase women only car insurance from that insurance company. You also need to know the different incentives offered by these car insurance companies. You can even compare the rates and premiums charged by other car insurance companies providing women only car insurance. You will surely get the best price. There are several other opportunities that one enjoys with women only car insurance. Moreover, a woman also enjoys a flexible payment plan so you are relaxed as you can make payments as per your financial conditions. Also, you are given several incredible discounts as well as maximum risk cover. A woman also enjoys an additional benefit of 24 hour roadside help offered by several car insurance companies. Many car insurance companies offer risk covers like fire, theft, loss recovery that may not be insured as well as widescreen cover. Most of the car insurance companies offer 10% discount to women for the initial year. They even offer emergency services, breakdown services, car loan in case of accident, cell phone locator, post accident counseling etc. Some companies offering women only car insurance policy offer benefits like car seat replacement, customer support as well as theft and loss compensation . You even get great discounts if you purchase women only car insurance policy online! You will find several online car insurance companies offering women car only insurance at competitive prices. But you have to look for the car insurance company’s background before purchasing women only car insurance from that particular company. Cheap premiums offered by certain car insurance companies may not be beneficial always. Check for quality and services provided by such companies.

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Unusual stowaways

Unusual Stowaways

When you spend the major part of your waking life in the cabin of a big rig (or even a little one for that matter) fulfilling contracts for haulage companies, it can sometimes get a little lonely. To relieve some of the solitude, its not unusual for a driver to pick up a hitchhiker to help them while away the time. Its nice to have the company, and some drivers even forge lasting friendships with people they have met on the road. While it pays to err on the side of caution when it comes to picking up hitch-hikers, sometimes a driver is not always aware he is giving someone a free ride. Here are a few of the more unusual stowaways that have been reported.

A Slippery Character

One driver on a 200 mile round trip picked up his uninvited guest as he delivered a load of heavy machinery to a farm. When he arrived back home in the dead of night, as he climbed down from the cabin, he narrowly missed stepping on to a one-metre long grass snake which had attached itself to the running board. Now, the mystery is twofold: How did the snake actually get on to the running board which was at least 60cm off the ground; and even more admirable on the part of the snake, how did it manage to stay there when the truck had been powering along the motorway for nearly 100 miles? Neither question of course will ever be answered and the snake certainly wasnt telling! The legend will just have to go down in haulage companies history; but what happened to the snake you ask? Well our animal-loving truck driver coaxed it into a bag, took it to have a holiday at the local vet for a week, and then drove it back up to the farm the next week when he had another job on. What a tale that snake had to tell the folks back home!

Hare today Gone Tomorrow

Slightly further from home, a Russian driver who worked for a number of British haulage companies was delivering his load out along a quiet road, when from nowhere a huge hare leapt out in front of his truck. He slammed on the brakes and ground to a halt believing he had hit the hare and, in all likelihood, killed it. Wanting to make sure the hare was not suffering, he got down from the cabin to move it off the road, but it was nowhere to be found. He searched the area for a good few minutes then deduced that he must have just clipped it or it had been completely lucky and escaped altogether. It wasnt until the next morning that the truth was revealed. As he went to climb into his truck a movement caught his eye and upon closer inspection, he discovered the hare, alive but not so much kicking, trapped in the radiator grill. How it survived we will never know, but survive it did, and after a delicate operation to remove the grill at the local garage, the hare was released. Chances are hell look next time he wants to cross the road!

Wrong Way Go Back

The worst kind of stowaway, as far as haulage companies are concerned, is the human kind, and it can be all too real a problem on international routes. But one has to spare a thought for an unfortunate would-be stowaway who climbed up behind the wind guard of a lorry in Calais which he thought would catch him an easy ride into the UK. The truck was facing towards ol Blighty at the time, but unbeknown to the hapless hitcher, it was in fact bound for the Balkans. After about 50 miles he realised his error and began banging frantically on the roof of the cabin. The shocked driver helped the shaken man down but he didnt stick around for too much of an explanation. He mumbled, Very sorry, and scuttled off into the French countryside. One can only speculate as to where he ended up…

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Auto auction the pros and cons

Auto Auction the Pros and Cons

Although it is nice to know that many have had success with auto auctions in the past, you may be wondering whether attending an auto auction is worth your time.                      For more details go to: To determine whether or not one is, you may want to think about examining the pros and cons of buying a used car from an auto auction. A few auto auction pros and cons are briefly touched on below.
Perhaps, the biggest pro or plus side to buying a used car from an auto auction is the price. Auto auctions are well-known for their more than affordable prices. Depending on the auto auction that you attend, as well as the car that you choose to buy, you could walk away with a quality used car for as little as a thousands dollars! In all honesty, you never know what treasures or quality used cars you will find until you attend an auto auction. That is why it is advised that you at least attend a local auto auction, even if it is just to see what one is like.
Another one of the many pros or plus sides to buying a used car from an auto auction is the choices that you have. In terms of the used cars that you have to choose from, it is not uncommon for an auto auction to include as many as fifty used cars or more. Many of these used cars include different years, as well as different car makes and models. In keeping with the choices that you have, you also have a choice when it comes to choosing a used car auction to attend. If you live in or around a large city, such as Chicago, you may have more auto auctions to choose from. You could choose to attend an auto auction that gives you the opportunity to inspect each vehicle or you can choose one that does not have any admission fees.
Although there are a number of pros or plus sides to buying a used car from an auto auction, there are also a number of downsides as well. The good news, however, is that those downsides may not even apply to you. One of the downsides or cons to buying a used car from an auto auction is that not all auto auctions have an inspection session. An inspection session is when you are able closely examined or inspect all of the cars that will be auctioned off. You should never buy a used car without thoroughly examining it first. For help visit: This downside to buying a used car from an auto auction may not even be an issue, as long as you choose to attend a used car auction that allows you to inspect all of their vehicles first and they are out there.
Another con or downside to buying a used car from an auto auction is the fact that you aren’t really given any guarantees. Perhaps, that is why it is so important that you are able to inspect a used car before bidding on it at an auto auction. When you pay for and receive your used car, it is then yours and you are responsible for it, including all updates and repairs that may need to be made. It is difficult, if not virtually impossible; to find an auto auction house or company that offers warranties on their used vehicles. Of course, buying a used car is a risk anyways, as most used car dealerships, as well as owners outright selling their vehicles do not offer warranties either.
If you live in or around the Chicago area, you may want to examine North Shore Auto Auction. With regularly scheduled auto auctions, as well as information on those auctions, including the used cars that will be auctioned; North Shore Auto Auctions is known for being one of the best auto auctions in the area.

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