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Benefits of car covers how can they protect your investment

5 benefits of car covers – how can they protect your investment? Why Buy A Custom-Fit Car Cover? To help protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking show-room new. Keeping your vehicle covered with a car cover can: • Prevent unsightly dents, dings and scratches • Shield it against finish-destroying man-made and natural hazards [...]

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Designated driver a must

Designated Driver a Must The Auto Channel recently reported that AAA reminded individuals who will be going out on Halloween to have a designated driver. Although the said occasion has been known as festivities for children, grownups nowadays are joining the festivities with parties of their own. And on these parties, alcoholic drinks will no [...]

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Sports car hire drive your dream car

Sports Car Hire – Drive Your Dream Car It’s not all that difficult to get a sports car hire. Most of us have a dream car that we have always wanted to drive. Generally, the fantasy is to get behind the wheel of some exotic sports car like a Porsche, Ferrari, or even as Aston [...]

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Give the gift of direction to drivers this holiday season

Give the Gift of Direction to Drivers This Holiday Season Just in time for the holiday season. Many companies, manufacturers, and businesses are trying their very best to make sure that their products would be ready for the market just in time for the holiday rush. It would be even better if these products would [...]

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Understanding the heavy vehicle tax

Understanding the Heavy Vehicle Tax If the only things certain in life are death and taxes, just be glad it’s time to pay taxes and not time to clock out. If you’re a truck driver or if you operate a trucking company, you might be trying to wrap your head around the HVUT, otherwise known [...]

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