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Toyota hybrid sales top m

Toyota Hybrid Sales Top 1m The Toyota Motor Corp. said last Thursday that global sales of its hybrid vehicles, which were first introduced a decade ago, have topped one million – a landmark record for the fast-rising Japanese automaker. Toyota’s cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles totaled 1.047 million as of the end of May. Of [...]

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Electric mopeds scooters bikes and mobility scooters review

Electric Mopeds, Scooters, Bikes and Mobility Scooters Review In these days of high fuel costs and environmental issues people are looking at ways to save money and help the planet. One way they are doing this is by turning to electric vehicles such as bikes, scooters, mopeds and mobility scooters. They are finding there are [...]

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Unusual stowaways

Unusual Stowaways When you spend the major part of your waking life in the cabin of a big rig (or even a little one for that matter) fulfilling contracts for haulage companies, it can sometimes get a little lonely. To relieve some of the solitude, its not unusual for a driver to pick up a [...]

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Car accidents and the claims process

Car Accidents and the Claims Process With all the driving you do today, a car accident (hopefully won’t) but could, happen to you, at one point or another in your life. Due to this fact, you need to understand your car insurance coverage and the process of filing claims thoroughly. Most of the car accidents [...]

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Toyota parts and the japanese automobile ingenuity

Toyota Parts and the Japanese Automobile Ingenuity Japanese automobile ingenuity is evident in the products of Toyota Motor Corporation. Since the company’s debut more than seven decades ago, Toyota has remained in the lead as it left its Asian contenders, like Honda and Nissan, at bay. In addition to that, Toyota is also hailed as [...]

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