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Cyclists and road safety

Cyclists and Road Safety Have you ever been in the car with someone who complains about all the cyclists that they have to share the road with? Have you ever been that person? Or even worse, have you ever been in the same vehicle as someone who has road rage? Perhaps you’ve even been guilty [...]

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Some more common car sales tricks

Some More Common Car Sales Tricks It seems there are as many sales tactics to sell cars as there are cars. They are all designed to achieve the same purpose and that is to get you to sign on the dotted line. Let’s take a look at some more of the common methods out there [...]

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A closer look at an engines kidney

A Closer Look at an Engine’s “kidney” When a Volkswagen spews large amounts of white smoke out of its exhaust, it could mean a problem right at VW engine’s kidney – the VW head gasket. Basically, VW head gaskets seal the cylinder heads to the engine blocks and also seal the coolant passages. When a [...]

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Replacing worn out tires is a real pain

Replacing Worn Out Tires Is A Real Pain! OK – You’ve been putting off replacing those tread thin tires. Face it, replacing tires is a downright aggravating experience. Shopping for tires rests somewhere between doing your taxes or doing house cleaning. A dentist’s waiting room, while you’re hanging on anticipating that root canal, is unlikely [...]

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Fueling you knowledge on economizing car fuel usage

Fueling You Knowledge on Economizing Car Fuel Usage In these times of ever-increasing worldwide fuel prices, I recently asked myself if I am using fuel in an economical way. I mentioned these thoughts recently to an acquaintance of mine, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Santiago, who runs a major fuel distribution company here in Brazil. Who [...]

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