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Helping yourself relax while driving

Helping Yourself Relax While Driving If you have never had an episode or a brush with road rage, then consider yourself lucky. Most people get behind the wheel of their car, truck or SUV and almost immediately find something to become enraged about. For example, whenever I get in my car to go somewhere, whether [...]

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Automotive school

Automotive School What are the perks of going to automotive school, and why are people attending automotive school in higher numbers than ever before? The answers are surprisingly random in the fact that people have many different reasons for attending automotive school. The common bond between the students is they all made the leap to [...]

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Cyclists and road safety

Cyclists and Road Safety Have you ever been in the car with someone who complains about all the cyclists that they have to share the road with? Have you ever been that person? Or even worse, have you ever been in the same vehicle as someone who has road rage? Perhaps you’ve even been guilty [...]

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How to get california classic car insurance

How to Get California Classic Car Insurance It can be argued that California is the home of the most classic cars based on population, the weather, and possibly the states income level. The car has always been an icon for California, from the smog to the busy traffic jams during rush hour. There are some [...]

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How college students can save on gas

How College Students Can Save on Gas We all know college students have tight budgets, a lot of debt due to tuition, and a lot of bills to pay on a monthly basis. With the rise in gas prices, it only makes it harder on everyone. We all are looking for ways to save money [...]

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